Alex Slamka (ajslamka) wrote in loft_co,
Alex Slamka

A Call To Arms!

(This has been cross posted, which I have recently learned is abbreviated as 'xposted'. So this is xposted, which does not mean that it was straight-edge posted. Make a note.)

As anyone who has talked to me in the past two weeks knows, the Among Thieves album is almost done. Rough mixes are done, the final mixing (and figuring out what to do with it) is all that is left.

For anyone that hasn't heard anything yet, or is curious, three of the roughly mixed songs are on my MySpace account. Found here:
(AmongThieves was already taken)

So with that in mind, the idea of trying to get shows comes up. Getting shows requires a band. The previous band lineup was:

Me: Drunk Guitar
Josh O: Drums
Stacey: Violin
Steve Lacey: B-Bass
Amy: Confused Piano

But as everyone knows Stacey and Amy have fled the scene for bigger cities.

So this is a call to arms! The lineup of me, Josh, and Steve is all that is left. This is more than alright with me, because I like small bands,butbutbut, there is nothing I would like more than to have an eight or more person carnival-band on stage all playing different possibly bizzare instruments. So a call to arms! to you. Would you like to participate? If so let me know, and let me know what you would like to play. If it seems like it has a chance of fitting, then you're hired. We can hopefully work something out and all have fun.

But if not, it's all gravy baby. Listen to the songs and let me know what you think anyways.
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