Alex Slamka (ajslamka) wrote in loft_co,
Alex Slamka

The prior bass player arrangement fell through, so

Bass Player Wanted!

Low-maintenance-no-practice-often-acoustic band is seeking a willing bass player. The position pays in high fives. We play the nastiest, cruchiest, in-your-face-Metallica-eat-your-heart-out songs, and our influences are Nirvana, Fugazi, Celine Dion, Wu-Tang Clan, ICP, Staind, and J.D. Sallinger. We sound just like Dillenger Escape Plan, only slow and acoustic and less yelling. Sort of like if Dillenger Escape Plan just found a bag full of puppies. Only serious players should respond. Labels are interested in us. The big ones. Anyone interested reply.

But seriously, does anyone want to play bass? I'll just go over the songs with you a few times and we won't practice any. It won't be a big deal or a hassle to your life. The parts are already wrote, and a little difficult, but really not bad at all, but you can make up your own parts too if you want, or whatever. Anyone interested?
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