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Floydfest 2006

Anybody who's anybody knows what time it almost is. Floyd fuckin fest. It's this Saturday, it starts at five pm, it's in the Franklin/Middletown area, and there will be live goats.

All are invited. Festivities go to whenever they're done.


Orange Lazarus-- first show since they've started work in earnest on their debut album.

Among Thieves-- celebrate the completion of their first album.

Angry Ryan and the Nosebreakers-- first show since they all broke their own noses. Mutual destruction assured.

All Their Eyes-- celebrating the spirit of free market capitalism with t-shirts, motherfuckers!

Yale class of '03 reunion-- original lineup... they even smell the same as they did back then (bad.)

Invisible Strings-- you won't be able to see them, but they'll be there.

Fazeshifter-- they're pissed they have to keep reminding your dumbass why you liked grunge/punk in the first place.

Also featuring some other bands I forgot, some acoustic performances I'm sure, probably some sort of open jam, food, FOOD, drink, a bonfire (BONFIRE? It's going to be hot as fuck out. That's how crazy we roll, though. Apparently.) and an all around friendly, good times atmosphere refreshingly devoid of nakedness. At least early in the evening. After nine all bets are off.

Oh yeah. We won't be having live goats. That was a lie. Unless you bring some.

Maybe we could take a Loft Co. group photo? We'd like to get everyone who has been involved in any way in a picture for something we'll be working on in the near future.
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